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 The recordings of all our conferences, events and webinars are FREE 
for personal use.


Our full resource library includes over 25 talks, discussions and Q&A sessions on topics such as:

Singleness in Scripture, Sexuality, Friendship, Loneliness. Romance & Pop Culture

Celibacy, Pornography, Dating a non-Christian and lots more!

To access all these totally for FREE : 

STEP ONE: Fill in the form below to immediately receive the recording access code (on screen).

STEP TWO: Click the button below and enter access code when prompted


Watch the recording of Single Minded's 2021 'All the Lonely People' webinar:

Finding God in Our Loneliness, with Lydia Brownback

Pssssst. There is so MUCH MORE where that came from!

Follow the two simple steps at the top of this page to access all of our recordings. We have loads of excellent speakers covering a range of great topics!

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