Will you partner with SINGLE MINDED through prayer for us, our community and the broader church?

We'll be adding new prayer points to this page at the beginning of each month. We'll also include those prayer points in our monthly e-news letters, so please join our mailing list if you haven't already.


Thanks for being willing to pray with us over this month. We have a gracious God who listens to our requests and delights in our praise of him. As such, we want prayer to be the heartbeat of our community and would love you, as a part of our community, to be praying these things for Single Minded in the month of February:

  • Upcoming Events: Please be praying for us as we continue preparing our “Let’s Talk about Sex” webinars coming up in March-June. Particularly pray for our March speaker - Dr Juli Slattery - that she will give a clear biblical vision on sexuality in the life of single people. Additionally, pray for us as we start to finalise the program for the second half of 2021.

  • Valentine’s Day: For many single people, the 14th of February can be one of the hardest days of the year. Pray for those who might find this day particularly difficult: widows, divorcees, single parents, those never married, those who experience gender incongruence and those who wrestle with same-sex attraction. Praise God that he has given us the gift of Christian community and pray that on this day, brothers and sisters will be reaching out to those who are in hardship. Additionally, pray for our married friends that they might not fall into the world’s idolisation of romance and sex, but rather build strong and healthy marriages which are based on biblical convictions and point towards Christ..

  • Financial Partnership: Pray for us as we seek to continue to grow the ministry of Single Minded through the generous financial partnership of brothers and sisters in Christ. Pray that God would be stirring the hearts of people to give to this ministry what they are able, and that we would be good stewards of this money, using it to encourage and equip God’s people with faithful teaching from the Bible.

  • The ‘Rona’: Praise God that Australia has been blessed with fewer COVID cases and the easing up of restrictions. However, it often seems the case that when things return to normal, another spike in cases occurs. So please keep praying that God’s people would continue to be faithful to him during this pandemic. Particularly pray for  single people in Australia and across the world who might be feeling the isolating effects of the pandemic. Pray that they would find their rest and satisfaction in Christ in the midst of their loneliness.