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As a growing ministry, Single Minded has increasing costs to meet. Your partnership will…


  • Help pay for Single Minded’s operational costs such as software, subscriptions, accounting and legal fees, and so on. As Single Minded has grown, so have these costs!

  • Help pay our staff team appropriately. For years now, the very important staffing work of Single Minded has been done voluntarily or at very generously reduced cost. But as a ministry, we are now at the point where we need to pay our labourers the wage they deserve.

  • Help expand the reach and impact of our events and resources. Running events takes a lot of financial resources and expanding their impact takes even more – but it’s so worthwhile.


Through enabling all this practical work, you’ll make it possible for Single Minded to continue to enrich the Church with a deeper, broader and more nuanced conversation around singleness and the place of single people in our church families.

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