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“The work of Single Minded has helped me to reassess unhelpful statements and untrue ideas about singleness, marriage, and how we navigate life when one-size-fits-all simply isn’t true.  I’ve grown to become more thankful of what God has given me and where he’s put me – within Christ’s family, the Church." - Brooke


Single Minded longs to see more Christians like Brooke have their ideas of singleness transformed by the true and good picture of singleness presented in the Bible.  We need your help.

We are looking for 100 people

to make a Partnership Pledge to Single Minded.


Our 100 new partners will join with our committed existing Single Minded supporters to bring God’s wisdom about singleness to fresh audiences in 2024 and beyond.


We are asking for a commitment of $20+ per month.


If we can raise up 100 new partners giving $20+ per month, we can build a sustainable income stream Single Minded needs to keep going and growing.


As a growing ministry, Single Minded has increasing costs to meet. Your partnership will…


  • Help pay for Single Minded’s operational costs such as software, subscriptions, accounting and legal fees, and so on. As Single Minded has grown, so have these costs!

  • Help pay our staff team appropriately. For years now, the very important staffing work of Single Minded has been done voluntarily or at very generously reduced cost. But as a ministry, we are now at the point where we need to pay our labourers the wage they deserve.

  • Help expand the reach and impact of our events and resources. Running events takes a lot of financial resources and expanding their impact takes even more – but it’s so worthwhile.


Through enabling all this practical work, you’ll make it possible for Single Minded to continue to enrich the Church with a deeper, broader and more nuanced conversation around singleness and the place of single people in our church families.

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